Monday, November 25, 2013

Fashion is not a distraction its my attraction

Fashion is not a distraction its my attraction. We are all attracted to a medium we can express ourselves by. I think that is why FB and twitter became so popular so fast. 
We are attracted to things we identify with and there are many avenues for identity and expression. I have always been drawn to fashion, even going to school in full vintage era costume when I was in 6th grade! I have always loved vintage garments and enjoyed finding a way to incorporate it for modern day. This led to my designing for the perfect topper or headpiece to finish off an amazing vintage wedding gown.
My passion today is designing these headpieces for high fashion and concept editorial art I produce for fashion magazines. On any given day you will find me reviewing my albums of Fine Art from the Renaissance and Art Nouveau era looking for inspiration for a new piece. I love being inspired by these great artists minds centuries ago. This offers me an avenue for expression of my own creative response. I have always found myself coming back to fashions as my inspiration. As with the beautiful artwork
"The Birth of Venus" by Jean Honore Fragonard 1755 

I am drawn to textures, fabrics, colors and design in these beautiful works of art! This led me in a whole new vision for this amazing work of art..I saw the series underwater! And so "Renaissance Delphine" was born!

The fashion of my art is what makes it stand apart. Its carefully planned, designed, styled and executed with spiritually led design from my heart. I am very excited to share this editorial and look forward to its publication in the future! Its how I interpret fashion!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Thirst for Knowledge" Behind the scenes

Shooting the underwater art is one of mine and Kelsey's favorite part of fashion photography! Originally we had a library theme in mind for this, but last minute we decided to translate that to underwater! Thirst for Knowledge was born!
Leslie was the perfect model for this set! She did excellent in her underwater job! 

We had to get several shots of the book floating and pages turning to get the effect we needed for the image. Here is some behind the scenes of how we had to do it over and over.


After the book gave us exactly what we were looking is some simple edits we made to get the right elements for the final look.

Kinda eerie isn't it? 

Leslie gave me some beautiful images to work with!
And again...look at the grace of my underwater mermaid! So beautiful...


Here is the final set of "Thirst for Knowledge"

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

From The Pages of a Magazine

I constantly challenge myself to create something new and unique out of the unconventional for my fashion concepts. I love seeing something I have never seen before. I have recently had the honor of seeing my images and work published in Fashion Faces Magazine, 360 Magazine, and The G.O.O.D.S Magazine so as a celebration of this victory for VVB "From the pages of a magazine" was born.

I spent an entire afternoon tearing magazine pages and fanning them into all size sets. Over 100 pieces! Then I sculpted wire to create the shape for 3 piece collar, necklace and headpiece set. Shaping it to my own head and seeing the fun design that came together, inspired a trio of accessories in this design. I saw my model Heather's beautiful face in my mind for this shoot. (Visit her bio on VVB models here on our website My models )

With Kelsey Eggers on board for Makeup transformation, the team was set for this beautiful concept to come together. I loved the results! High fashion..out of paper! 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The making of Radiant's headpiece

I make all my own headpieces and many of my own fashions for our editorial photo shoots we do for fashion magazines.Having a stylist background has its perks ;-) but adding some artistic design to the set really creates endless possibilities!

When I wanted to design a space-age,luminous headpiece for the Victory Vintage Boutique 
I started with orbs of reflective beads and sequins. The Futuristic Series of headpieces for VVB Design Studio is new for Fall 2103. 
I wanted something with unique and artistic shape and character. I used galvanized wire to create a floating orb design. Threading each ball through the wires and placing them where I wanted.

 Here you can see the spacing and structure of the headpiece coming together.

I attached the wire orb branches to the has base that I spray painted silver to match. 

I created a second orb branch and attached this wire set to the previous set.

I shredded a t-shirt and spray painted it to create an added texture to cover the hat base with. 

Here is the completed headpiece.I was pleased with how it came out. It took me about 4 hours to complete.

Here are some of the test shots of the styled headpiece that is now available in our  Etsy Design Studio

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The Romances of VVB

Designed/Styled/Created by: Brande Wilkerson of Victory Vintage Boutique
Models: Brande Wilkerson,Andrea Linville, Leslie Croslow 
Fashion & gowns by :Alina Ionescu Design & Victory Vintage Design Studio
Photography/Concept: Brande Wilkerson

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Victory's Orbit

Editorial Saga of Victory's Orbit Created and Designed by :Brande Wilkerson
Modeled by Andrea Linville
Hair by: Jocelyn Devoti
Headpiece & Costume: Victory Vintage Boutique & Design Studio
Concept/Photography: Brande Wilkerson

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