Friday, March 27, 2015

High Fashion made from Vintage Millinery Feb/Mar 2015

What makes my designs unique? 12+ years as a vintage curator and an heartfelt appreciation for the craftsmanship of vintage millinery notions. This new collection is made from 60+ old vintage velvet & silk millinery flowers & blooms. You will see sweetly sheer bodices, matching bottoms & shimmering petticoats that work effortlessly together. This collection is now available. See link below to visit the Design Studio. 

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Artisan Etiquette discussion

I have been thinking about posting something about this for sometime. I have talked to too many professional artisans lately who have felt repeatedly disrespected by patrons or admirers.It breaks my heart, because I have received the same types of indirect insults from people over the years and feel its time to discuss the proper etiquette. I realize it may be due to the fact that most people do not know how to show their appreciation for art in a respectable & appropriate manner. When you see something on a website or venue such as Pinterest or Etsy you have the opportunity to like, love or favorite an item. This is such a great way to show the creator or designer of the piece you like & appreciate their work! Considering the high tech social media age we live in, anyone can tweet, post, or msg just about anyone instantly.That includes artists, craftsman, creators & designers of a product you admire. It seems these days most interests are asking for information regarding a piece that has sparked their interest. This is what I want to address.

As an artist, I am VERY excited to hear from people who admire my work, efforts & product! Actually I long for it! I want to know my efforts, vision & work is appreciated by others rather than just me. I look forward to feedback or responses when I release a new headpiece, fashion editorial or image. As the artist I welcome comments or questions but prefer they be regarding the availability of  the product, price or custom order. It is when people start to ask me how I created an item or what basic building process I use to get the result that starts to rub me the wrong way. This is RUDE! The best way to show your appreciation of an artists work is to PURCHASE their product! If you are interested in learning how they made it...BUY IT, study it yourself! That way you will show your appreciation and admiration of the product without offending the maker. This is the appropriate etiquette for dealing with artisans. They have studied, tarried, failed, succeeded, repeated & perfected their craft for many years, sometimes after decades of work! So when you just randomly ask an artist how can YOU make the same product they just presented to you? It's expect that the answer will be YOU can't right now.After you have given the years of effort, passion, study, multiple failed attempts, experience, finances, inspiration, & emotional involvement you may be at the place to ask such questions. But if you are not that person,what do you say?

So,you love their work? You want to know more about it? Ask the artist about THEM, not how they made the piece. The artist WANTS to know your interested in their product! Actually your interest is what they look for most! So ask them about their inspiration, ask them how they come up with their concept, design,or  ideas. Every artist's mind is a deep ocean of the unknown waiting to be explored! We WANT YOU TO EXPLORE! We want to share our original thoughts & inspiration.We want to tell you about the process, not the formula, because there probably isn't one. That comes with skill & experience gained during the journey of discovery AND its ever evolving, so it cannot be delivered to you without the, back to cost! Artists create for a living! It's how we make a living! It's how we provide for our families!It's how we survive! SELLING our product is our work! Our prices are not always set by market pricing, as many of us are not producing a mass product but an original lovingly created one of a kind piece. Keeping in mind all the skill,study,time & details that are not mentioned, our prices bring all this into consideration.If you are like me, you may feel it's rude to respond to someone criticizing cost with "Do you know how much it took me to create this? Or how long it took to design and how much money in supplies it cost me to produce this piece for you? I don't like to list all the details of WHY this piece is worth what I am asking,I want you to already know that part and establish MY WORK as WORTH IT!

So what I want you to walk away with after reading this is,a new appreciation for an artists life's sacrifice & commitment to their craft. Some are very blessed to be able to produce a product to share with others, and if it inspires or touches YOU, show your appreciation appropriately, by purchasing their product which allows them to continue to bless others with their craft! Its appropriate, its business, its blessing!

Please go purchase your favorite artists work now!

Thank you for your support!

The Making of the Wheat Harvest Warrior Editorial

My inspiration for this entire editorial set started with a couple of bundles of wheat. I found the stalks in a vendors booth in a flea market. They were just tossed into a bucket with some other junk, but I knew instantly I wanted to do something with them. Make them into a wearable piece of art. The woman who checked me out that day laughed when I told her I was a fashion designer and was going to use it for a costume of sorts. She laughed and said "I wouldn't want to be the one wearing that outfit!" I laughed too reassuring her it would be comfortable and wearable when I was done. I had an amazing couple in mind I wanted to use for this shoot. I let my models inspire alot of the style & fit of the pieces I wanted to make.
So I laid things out for a few days, to let them speak to me.

I sealed the wheat stalks with spray sealant, making sure to completely seal each individual wheat head I was going to use for the bib as well. I started designing the headpiece next.

I started the bib neck piece my cutting & measuring some vinyl and used vinyl glue to attach each individually sealed wheat head in the place I wanted. I added some military grade shoestring as the ties.  I finished off with some burlap ribbon to the top. I also made a matching headband for the male model for this set.

Time for makeup & transformation into the Harvest Warriors for this set! Kelsey was makeup artist AND photographer for this day's shoot. She is almost as amazing as my models for the day!

Out on location, time to get into the garb!

I found a field that had tall grass since we don't have any wheat fields that would of been ideal for this shoot. We would have to go about 400 miles west to Oklahoma for that, but this place seemed to work just fine.

I was so pleased with this beautiful couples fulfillment of my Harvest Warriors vision! All the fashion/costume designs are now listed in my Etsy shop. Now onto the next assignment in inspiration..

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fashion is not a distraction its my attraction

Fashion is not a distraction its my attraction. We are all attracted to a medium we can express ourselves by. I think that is why FB and twitter became so popular so fast. 
We are attracted to things we identify with and there are many avenues for identity and expression. I have always been drawn to fashion, even going to school in full vintage era costume when I was in 6th grade! I have always loved vintage garments and enjoyed finding a way to incorporate it for modern day. This led to my designing for the perfect topper or headpiece to finish off an amazing vintage wedding gown.
My passion today is designing these headpieces for high fashion and concept editorial art I produce for fashion magazines. On any given day you will find me reviewing my albums of Fine Art from the Renaissance and Art Nouveau era looking for inspiration for a new piece. I love being inspired by these great artists minds centuries ago. This offers me an avenue for expression of my own creative response. I have always found myself coming back to fashions as my inspiration. As with the beautiful artwork
"The Birth of Venus" by Jean Honore Fragonard 1755 

I am drawn to textures, fabrics, colors and design in these beautiful works of art! This led me in a whole new vision for this amazing work of art..I saw the series underwater! And so "Renaissance Delphine" was born!

The fashion of my art is what makes it stand apart. Its carefully planned, designed, styled and executed with spiritually led design from my heart. I am very excited to share this editorial and look forward to its publication in the future! Its how I interpret fashion!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Thirst for Knowledge" Behind the scenes

Shooting the underwater art is one of mine and Kelsey's favorite part of fashion photography! Originally we had a library theme in mind for this, but last minute we decided to translate that to underwater! Thirst for Knowledge was born!
Leslie was the perfect model for this set! She did excellent in her underwater job! 

We had to get several shots of the book floating and pages turning to get the effect we needed for the image. Here is some behind the scenes of how we had to do it over and over.


After the book gave us exactly what we were looking is some simple edits we made to get the right elements for the final look.

Kinda eerie isn't it? 

Leslie gave me some beautiful images to work with!
And again...look at the grace of my underwater mermaid! So beautiful...


Here is the final set of "Thirst for Knowledge"

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

From The Pages of a Magazine

I constantly challenge myself to create something new and unique out of the unconventional for my fashion concepts. I love seeing something I have never seen before. I have recently had the honor of seeing my images and work published in Fashion Faces Magazine, 360 Magazine, and The G.O.O.D.S Magazine so as a celebration of this victory for VVB "From the pages of a magazine" was born.

I spent an entire afternoon tearing magazine pages and fanning them into all size sets. Over 100 pieces! Then I sculpted wire to create the shape for 3 piece collar, necklace and headpiece set. Shaping it to my own head and seeing the fun design that came together, inspired a trio of accessories in this design. I saw my model Heather's beautiful face in my mind for this shoot. (Visit her bio on VVB models here on our website My models )

With Kelsey Eggers on board for Makeup transformation, the team was set for this beautiful concept to come together. I loved the results! High fashion..out of paper! 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The making of Radiant's headpiece

I make all my own headpieces and many of my own fashions for our editorial photo shoots we do for fashion magazines.Having a stylist background has its perks ;-) but adding some artistic design to the set really creates endless possibilities!

When I wanted to design a space-age,luminous headpiece for the Victory Vintage Boutique 
I started with orbs of reflective beads and sequins. The Futuristic Series of headpieces for VVB Design Studio is new for Fall 2103. 
I wanted something with unique and artistic shape and character. I used galvanized wire to create a floating orb design. Threading each ball through the wires and placing them where I wanted.

 Here you can see the spacing and structure of the headpiece coming together.

I attached the wire orb branches to the has base that I spray painted silver to match. 

I created a second orb branch and attached this wire set to the previous set.

I shredded a t-shirt and spray painted it to create an added texture to cover the hat base with. 

Here is the completed headpiece.I was pleased with how it came out. It took me about 4 hours to complete.

Here are some of the test shots of the styled headpiece that is now available in our  Etsy Design Studio

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